Rare Books at the Free Library

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, April 14, we will be treated to a special tour of the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Rare Book Department, led by Katharine Chandler ’97. Katharine will show us a cuneiform tablet, an Egyptian book of the dead, a medieval book of hours, a leaf from a Gutenberg Bible, the Elkins Room, and more! While there, you can also check out the Charles Dickens exhibition, celebrating the author’s 200th birthday.

Rare Book Department, Free Library of Philadelphia

We’ll meet at 10:30 to begin the tour at 11am; please R.S.V.P. to phillysmithclub@gmail.com!

Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens

Please note, all visitors will be required to check coats and bags (including purses) when touring the precious collections. They will be held securely by Free Library staff.


5 thoughts on “Rare Books at the Free Library

  1. Hi, Laura! I will be showing the one I always show on the tour. We have quite a few of them–about 45 or so full codices, as well as many many many cut leaves. The one we show on the tour every day is Lewis E 107, if you’re interested.

  2. I should add–the Free Library has one of the ten largest collections of medieval manuscripts in the country.

  3. I might be at work that day…don’t know yet. I’ll be there tomorrow and if I remember to check, I’ll do so. Saturdays are unpredictable in terms of the level and nature of activity, but you know that!

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