Happy Spring – Care Packages! Send One to a Friend!



We reminisce fondly about afternoon tea, our close friends from our houses, and the joy of Mountain Day – but we also worked really hard at Smith. Remember finals? To offer encouragement to the 42 students from our area studying at Smith this year, SCCOP sent them winter themed care packages at the end of the first semester. The club also sent gift certificates to Herrell’s ice cream to 10 students who joined the Smith community last fall. Thank you to our club members whose support makes this program possible. The club will put together the next round of care packages in late April. This time you too can experience the fun of giving (or receiving) a care package! For just $20 (shipping included), SCCOP will mail you or a friend the same care package that the current students will receive. $1 from each care package sold will be donated to the SCCOP Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarships to Smith students from the Philadelphia area. Packages can be sent anywhere in the United States, so send a Smith surprise to your former housemate or classmate anywhere in the country! Past care packages have included seasonal and local treats, stress-busting toys, colorful study supplies, cozy gloves, patterned stationery, and more. The deadline to order is April 18th.

CARE PACKAGE ORDER FORM YOUR NAME:_____________________________________________________________________

YOUR EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________________

YOUR PHONE: _____________________________________________________________________

PAYMENT METHOD: ☐ $20 check enclosed ☐$20 Paypal payment made online

RECIPIENT’S NAME: ________________________________________________________________

RECIPIENT’S MAILING ADDRESS:______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

MESSAGE TO RECIPIENT: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

Submit form and check by mail to: SCCOP Treasurer, 1023 Mercy St., Philadelphia, PA 19148 OR email the above information to phillysmithclub@gmail.com and submit your payment by Paypal at phillysmithclub.wordpress.com/membership. DEADLINE TO ORDER IS APRIL 18th! Ordering multiples? Please submit one form per package ordered.

****The order form can also be found in the Annual Newsletter.


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