August 2015 Smithie of the Month: Liz Borland

IMG_1018Liz Borland ’97

This month, we honor Liz Borland ’97 as our Smithie of the Month! As she steps down from her marvelous years of leadership as our Club President, we appreciate all the ways Liz has made the Philly Smith community what it is.

How long have you lived in Philadelphia?

Nearly 9 years.

What’s your favorite restaurant in the city?

I am a fan of Jose Garces–my favorite is Distrito because it is delicious and so much fun.

What are you up to now?

I am a professor of Sociology at The College of New Jersey. I am chair of my department and teach classes and/or do research on gender, social movements, organizations, theory and applied sociology.

What house did you live in on campus and what was your favorite thing about it?

I lived in Cushing and loved candlelight dinners on Thursday nights–back then we all our meals in the house and I loved the family atmosphere.

Why did you choose Smith?

I was in one of the inaugural years of the Smith Summer Science Program as a high school student. My mom went to Smith (Caren Byrd ’68) and I was not sure I wanted a women’s college, but after a great summer there, I made Smith my own. I also got invited to be in the STRIDE program, and that sealed the deal.

What is your favorite Smith tradition and why?

I am into our traditions–I did Sophomore Push and Junior Ushers, etc. Of course, everyone loves Mountain Day, but I think I would have to say Rally Day is my favorite event with the inspiring speakers and all the wonderful hats….and the floor-splitting sound of Smithies stomping their feet to the alma mater!

How did your Smith experience shape your life?

Smith challenged me and made me confident I could hold my own–I was given support and room to explore by my professors, who in turn have been role models for me in my own work as a teacher. And the lifelong learning and community that comes from being a Smithie among Smithies is a gift that keeps giving!

Liz 199708042015
Liz in 1997, looking glamorous as a model for “October” in Smith’s calendar!

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