November 2015 Smithie of the Month: Taraneh Thompson


Name: Taraneh Thompson

Class Year: 2002

How long have you lived in Philadelphia?

I have lived in Philadelphia for 11 years.

What’s your favorite restaurant in the city?

My favorite restaurant is Mustard Greens in Queen Village.

What are you up to now?

I work as an attorney in Center City and live in Bella Vista with my husband and son.

What house did you live in on campus and what was your favorite thing about it?

I lived in Scales House. One of my favorite thing about Scales was our wonderful RADS staff who were like our family (Thank you, Cathy, Joanne, Glenn and Tina!).

Why did you choose Smith?

I chose Smith because the director of my high school was a Smithie and was a wonderful leader, incredible public speaker and inspirational mentor. I also fell in love with the campus when I visited.

What is your favorite Smith tradition and why?

Friday Tea is such a great Smith tradition that I hope will last forever. It is a great way to catch up with everyone in the house, unwind from the week and make plans for the weekend. It was also fun to see what treats came out of the kitchen every week!

Who was your favorite professor/what was your best class?

My favorite professor was Marc Lendler in the Government Department. He is so knowledgeable and passionate about government that it made his classes really stand out. My favorite class though was probably Natural Disasters in the Geology Department. It was outside of my comfort zone but was so interesting and unlike any other class that I took. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to take a few classes like that!

Do you have a defining/favorite/most memorable/transformative Smith moment?

One of my most memorable moments at Smith was Illumination Night on the eve of Graduation. The campus was so beautiful and it was such an exciting time coupled with some fear and sadness too. It was wonderful to have my family and friends together to share memories and celebrate our accomplishments.


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