December 2015 Smithie of the Month: Karoline Adler

Adler Sisters
The Adler sisters pictured above L to R: Dorothy Adler (’90), Karoline Adler (’81), and Connie Adler (’84)
Name: Karoline Adler
Class Year: 1981
How long have you lived in Philadelphia?
We just moved back to the city two years ago after almost twenty years in the suburbs.  We love it!
What’s your favorite restaurant in the city?
There are so many great restaurants here I can’t just pick one.  I like High Street and Bistro 7, both in Old City and Ela, in Queen Village.
What are you up to now?
I just retired from my position (after 15 years) as a Mental Health Review Officer for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania and now I am trying to finish learning how to paint.  Watercolor is my current struggle.
What house did you live in on campus and what was your favorite thing about it?
I lived in Emerson my first two years and in Scales my junior and senior years.  Both houses were big but had comfortable, cozy spots you could curl up in and call your own.
Why did you choose Smith?
I fell in love with the beautiful campus.  It looked like everything I had dreamed a college should be.  Lucky for me it was more than just beautiful, it was an excellent academic institution.
What is your favorite Smith tradition and why?
I enjoy going to Reunion every five years, I always feel rejuvenated by the experience.  I also liked Convocation.  Jill Kerr Conway was “my” president and I loved listening to her speak. She was mesmerizing.
Do you have a defining/favorite/most memorable/transformative Smith moment?
I was a double major at Smith: English and Studio Art.  I took one Anthropology/Literature class that counted towards my English major.  The professor, who was terrific, made me appreciate the relationship between plain, simple, language and beauty and power in literature.  This changed how I read, spoke, wrote and painted.
How did your Smith experience shape your life?
Attending Smith gave me confidence.  I have self assurance because I know I am well educated.  I made great friends at Smith, and now, in the city, the Smith College Alumnae programs are enriching my life.  I am meeting wonderful women and making new friends.

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