Philadelphia Water Department – Call for Resumes

Exciting job opportunities with the Philadelphia Water Department, shared by Catherine (Katie) Anne Shafer, Class of 2008:

We have several opportunities for young graduates or experienced water resource professionals to join a diverse inter-disciplinary team in a dynamic and challenging work environment. The full-time, on-site positions would be offered through a sub-contractor of CDM Smith with the opportunity to test into the City’s Civil Service System (which include the titles of Environmental and Civil Engineers, Planners, Environmental Scientists, and Public Relations Specialists).

Philadelphia is a national leader in innovative stormwater management planning and policy. The Green City, Clean Waters program aims to provide the maximum return in environmental, economic, and social benefits, while helping the City to meet the regulatory obligations of the Federal Clean Water Act. CDM Smith has been selected to assist the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) meet these requirements in the implementation and proof of concept phase of the Green City, Clean Waters program. For more information, visit

Potential positions in The Office of Watersheds include:

  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design
  • Program management and data analysis (contract management, data tracking and database skills, stormwater capture calculation, CSO compliance)
  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure pilot and research program
  • Stormwater planning and stormwater flood relief
  • GSI Public Outreach and Policy Support
  • Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling
  • Green stormwater infrastructure monitoring and maintenance

In addition, there are potential openings at PWD in Planning and Research for:

  • Water Supply strategic planning (including plan development, water demand, source water protection, treatment and distribution)
  • Capital Planning: a position to support capital project planning within PWD on all large capital projects for water, wastewater, and stormwater.

Potential candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Katie Shafer at

Thank you,

Katie Shafer
Office of Watersheds
Philadelphia Water Department
1101 Market Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107


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